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Dr. Lee Is the Picasso of Acupuncture!

"I have seen Dr. Lee for acupuncture for a few years. I drive from Los Angeles to OC, and it's worth the trip! Dr. Lee is the Picasso of acupuncture."

Marvin E.

Los Angeles, CA

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I Love Acupuncture!

"I love acupuncture! I tore my L5 and could not do any physical activities. I was having a hard time sitting, sleeping and standing. My doctor recommended acupuncture so I decided to give it a try. I CANNOT believe the mobility I have gained from just a couple sessions. I am back working out nearly daily!"

Lauren K.

Newport Beach, CA

Headaches Have Lessened In Frequency And Severity.


"My husband has received acupuncture treatments for severe headaches often followed by nose bleeds.  Since his last acupuncture treatment, his headaches have lessened in frequency and severity and his nose bleeds have stopped."


Linda M.

Santa Ana, CA

Extremely Professional And I highly Recommend!


"Amazing amazing amazing! Have been here several times for acupuncture to improve stress and inflammation and have definitely noticed huge improvements! Very calming environment and come out very relaxed. Extremely professional and I highly recommend!"

Davri S.

Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Lee Is So Helpful And So Kind!

"In a western medical world that subscribes to nothing but surgeries and drugs, it is comforting to know that Dr. Lee offers a holistic approach not only helps you physically but spiritually. The wonderful doctors and staff listen to you and give you hope. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my outlook and I feel a sense of peace and balance after every treatment. I am a true proponent of acupuncture and when it is done with such expertise as offered, it makes going there well worth your while. I would like to thank Dr. Lee for being so helpful and so kind!"

Tim W.

Costa Mesa, CA

They Are So Gentle!


"Dr. Lee truly cares about his patient's well-being and takes the time to understand each individual's needs. When he places the needles he is so gentle that one can barely feel it. For any sensitive areas, he always lets you know beforehand to reduce any surprise sensations. Not to be left out, Josephine assists the doctor and often comes into the room at the end of the session to remove the needles. She has the most gentle way and there is never any pain. Top to bottom, this facility treats its patients with respect and concern and the whole staff is always kind and pleasant. Also, they are ALWAYS on time!!"


Wendy M.

Newport Beach, CA

Acupuncture Has Changed My Life!


"Acupuncture has changed my life! I went from being on the couch in extreme pain from head to toe, to having my life back. I had been going to my rheumatologist for a few months and was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Then she told me I might want to try Acupuncture. I had never ever thought about it, so I made an appointment. After one treatment I felt better, it was amazing to me! I went from taking pain meds every day to needing them once a while. To me acupuncture is much better than taking medication to get by and it is very relaxing. I tell everyone that is having any issue to at least give it a try!!"

Kim D.

Huntington Beach, CA

Highly Recommended!


"After shoulder surgery, to repair a torn rotator cuff, I thought I’d try acupuncture as a means of pain management and physical therapy. I called and arranged a visit. After consultation, my session began. I was able to move my arm 6 inches more than when I had come in. Being skeptical, I arranged a second visit, checking my range of motion a few times before the session. After the session, I had another few degrees of range. I’ve been going three times a week since, and have recommended a few other fellow shoulder post-surgery friends, along with traditional physical therapy. Highly recommended!" 


Greg R.

Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Lee and His Staff Are Absolutely Amazing!


"Dr. Lee and his staff are absolutely amazing! I have never had acupuncture prior to seeing Dr. Lee, but was open to giving it a try. I was involved in a car accident over a year ago, and suffered from ongoing back and neck pain as well as daily headaches. I can honestly say that I began to feel immediate relief, after just one treatment! I no longer suffer from constant headaches or rely on taking Excedrin daily for pain. Dr. Lee is not only an incredible doctor, but he is also very kind and caring. His staff and office are incredibly welcoming too. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Lee. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"


Kate W.

Newport Beach

Staffs Are So Great!

"Dr.Lee and his staff are so great! They take the time to listen and are extremely thorough. I have been experiencing daily headaches, light headed, fatigue, and just overall not feeling myself the last couple of years. I bought a Groupon thinking ‘what do I have to lose by trying this place out?’ I am SO glad I tried it out, I’ve been for about 4-5 sessions so far with Dr. Lee and I feel so amazing. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  My headaches are gone, I’m sleeping incredibly well, my head feels clear and my body just feels so in tune and great. The staff & Dr. Lee are so friendly. They really know what they’re doing. I highly recommend!"

Krysten D.

Newport Beach, CA

I Recommend Them To Anyone Who Needs Help In Their Daily Walk.

"On April 4th of 2016, I hurt my back at work and have been out of work ever since. Never aspect of my life has been affected by my injury. My first treatments were 24 chiropractic sessions that helped but I hit a plateau and needed different treatment. Next, I went through 5 physical therapy sessions but due to the pain & lack of mobility, I had to discontinue the treatments. At this point, my doctor suggested acupuncture to try to bring the pain down to a tolerable level. I had never had acupuncture before but was willing to give it a try to hopefully move forward. When I started acupuncture treatments, my pain was around a 7 and it has slowly come down to where it is now which is a 2 to a low 3. I have had 18 sessions with Dr. Weon Seob Lee and I am so thankful for him. My movement has improved and I no longer take prescribed pain medication. I am truly grateful to everyone that has helped me. They have all been so wonderful to me. They truly care for me and love what they do. I recommend them to anyone who needs help in their daily walk. I know I will continue to visit them as long as they are here." ​

Everett E.

Costa Mesa, CA​

Unbelievable Experience!


"I came in to see Dr. Weon Seob Lee for a back injury at work. My MRI shows sciatica with bulging disc on L4, L5 and S1, plus spinal epidurals. Medication after medication, I had enough! My side effects from all the steroids pain medication were sleeping all day, gaining 15 pounds, being off work for 2 months. I decided to ask for a different approach. Finally, my orthopedic specialist approved me to see an acupuncturist. Once I arrived, I was offered water, tea, and snacks. They had relaxing music which I enjoyed. Once I saw Dr. Lee, he was able to tell right away where was hurting without me showing him or telling him! My first experience with acupuncture was amazing cupping!!! Waaaaooo it feels like someone vaccum the pain of my sciatica and lower back. I had this method done on me twice. Then the needle insertion (not scary at all). I was nervous about the needles but honestly didn't feel anything, no pain what so ever. They let me rest after placement of the needles. I was hoping and praying for Dr. Lee to help me out with relief, no more pain on my bulging disc and sciatica pain. Hopefully, I would be able to sleep without pain, anxiety, and worry. After a few visits, I was released back to work because I finally can walk and drive with less pain... My ongoing pain level went from 12 to 6! That’s a huge difference and no more medicine for me! The staff is caring, so sweet. They answer all your questions and concerns. They emailed you back within minutes. They have a flexible schedule. If you have been suffering from any back problems, anxiety disorder, depression or insomnia, I urge you come to see them. Trust me you will not regret it! HOLISTIC THERAPY CHANGES MY LIFE!!! In God, I trust Dr. Lee is blessed with healing hands/needles!"


Ana F.

Irvine, CA



As a full-time student and part time employee, I was under constant stress. I would wake up every morning with a major headache and needed two cups of coffee just to get me going. I came into Dr. Lee’s office in hopes that I could get rid of my headaches. What I received was far more than what I expected. I was kindly greeted by Dr. Weon Seob Lee and after our thorough consultation, he made me feel extremely comfortable with the idea of needles being used to treat my headaches. (I am terrified of needles.) But as we began treatment, I felt really relaxed and barely felt the needles. He really is a great acupuncturist and you can tell he cares about his patients. After a few weeks of treatment, I noticed a change in my condition. I was sleeping through the night without any interruptions. I would wake up with no headaches and have since limited my coffee intake to one cup. I look forward to my acupuncture appointments because I know that I will receive the best care from Dr. Lee and I will walk out of there stress-free! It has not only improved my mornings but my entire day because I am able to focus more on my tasks and not have a pounding in my head. I highly recommend anyone to try acupuncture, it really works!


Rosa M.

Santa Ana, CA

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